6th Street

Location: 6th Street, Des Moines, Iowa

Partners: City of Des Moines Community DevelopmentGenus Landscape Architects

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6th Avenue in Des Moines is a major corridor leading to and from downtown, connecting the north neighborhoods of the city. The corridor is mixed-use with small businesses, residential and social services occupying the buildings along the street. These uses require parking for either residents or consumers in the form of on street and off street, or parking lots. In 2013, the CDL team examined vehicular parking along this corridor, documenting existing conditions and collecting quantitative data on the number of spaces used throughout the day. Additionally, the team reviewed the proposed streetscape improvements to aid development of the streetscape improvement concept plan, presented by the City of Des Moines Community Development and Genus Landscape Architects.

This study determined that due to the abundance of off-street parking for commercial and residential locations, along with minimal usage of the on-street parking that exists now, it appears that a decreased overall capacity will have zero negative impact on parking availability post streetscape improvements and as 6th avenue continues to grow.


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