Community Food Systems

The Community Food Systems (CFS) program is a multi-phased, multi-year program housed within the Agriculture and Natural Resources, Local Foods Team, and the Community Economic Development units for Extension and Outreach.  The program strategically partners with the Community Design Lab for design assistance throughout the process.

This program partners with communities to develop and design their local and regional food systems.  Devoted to long-term community empowerment and lasting impacts, the program requires deep community engagement over two phases:

-Phase One: Research and Coalition Development:

  • Develops trust and generates coalition name, vision, mission and core values
  • Assesses existing conditions and goals of the food systems
  • Determines priority projects through a facilitated evaluation meeting

-Phase Two: Design and Implementation

  • Designs priority projects as a project team
  • Creates momentum, capacity for program development and implementation of projects

Click here for additional information about the program on the Local Foods Team website