Rural Community with the Capacity to Eat Locally Year-Round

Phase One : Cresco has a unique opportunity to be a regional food hub that offers food to city and county residents year round.  Differing from a “hub” in terms of food distribution, Cresco will be viewed as a community that can eat local year round. By partnering with local food co-ops, rural producers, and community programs, Cresco will develop a marketing strategy based on growing and eating local.  At the first steering committee, it was mentioned that Cresco stands for I-grow; this is a unique branding opportunity to further develop the concept of a locally grown and locally “edible” community.  To develop this strategy, we are creating a values analysis survey that will document how residents value local food, ensuring that regional strategies support citizens’ desires and build economic development around the local food system. In addition, mapping will locate potential collaborations from regional producers and organizations to further develop hot spots within the region that contribute to the local and regional food community.

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Building Footprint © ISU Community Design Lab


Nodes of Opportunity © ISU Community Design Lab

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Agricultural Practices © ISU Community Design Lab


School gardens © ISU Community Design Lab


Existing Condition © ISU Community Design Lab

20140828_Wards_CAL 20140828_Where would you design_CAL 20140828_Zoning_CAL CRESCO regional scale

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